PLC Touch Screen Control Biaxial Rotational Moulding Machine Water Tanks for Sale
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PLC Touch Screen Control Biaxial Rotational Moulding Machine Water Tanks for Sale

Shuttle rotomolding machine for ice cooler box
  • SN-4500CS
  • 8477.4010.00

Shuttle style rotational molding machine is placed along a straight line with oven and two trolleys with arms in its center. Cooling chamber and loading station in both sides. When a trolley on one side rotating the mould into the oven to get heated, the other trolley will stop other side to load or demould.

In this way, the operation is flexiable for manufacturing comparatively large product. Even for comparatively small product, productivity is high. Besides, equipment is relatively simple and easy to be maintained. At present, this kind of rotational molding machine is broadly used in our country.


Machine Premium Features:

1. It only needs 3mins. from room temperature increase to 250 to 280 degree in oven

2. Arm made of special alloy material of good load

3. Full gear transmission, high efficiency

4. Full automatic operation with Siemens PLC.

5. Heavy duty oven and energy saving

6. Loading and unloading easy for mould

7. Special deep cavity heating technical, suitable for complicated product

8. Internet remote control (if the machine has problem in your factory, we can solve the problem through internet)

9.  PLC and Motors are Siemens brand, Burner is RIELLO, Bearing is NSK from Japan, all electrical compenents are using Schneider brand.

10. Big computer screen, bob-weight system, special made motor, thermostability sealing arm head etc

11. Circle shape oven, it is more uniform heat distribution on the mold, that means it is good for product making and more energy saving.

12.Compare with European and US machine, our is lower price but reliable quality.




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SNOWBALL Import and Export Co.,Ltd Profiles

Hangzhou Snowball Import and Export CO., LTD, is specialized in developing, manufacturing and exporting rotomolding machines, rotational mould as well as rotational molding products. For machine we have shuttle machine, carrousel machine, and rock and roll machine,  For rotational mould we produce mould for water tank, fishing boat, buoys, outdoor furniture and fuel tanks. We also export various ranges of rotomolding product like cooler boxes, buoys, fishing boats, furniture, pallets, water tank and fuel tanks as well as other customized rotomolded product. Our manufacturing factory is with advanced production line, first grade of technical, high lever production team and comprehensive management system. Our insulated cooler box is of elegant design, superior insulation property, and wide range capacity like 25L, 35L, 50L, 65L, 80L, 110L and more. We also make production based on OEM and ODM.

Our SNOWBALL brand coolers also enjoy a great reputation in streamline design, holding ice long time and wide application in camping, fishing and party. We export our rotomolding machines, moulds and product to many different countries around the world, such as United State, UK, Australia, Korea, Japan and other countries and regions. Our slogan is "To be one-stop solution provider of rotational mould field ". Welcome to contact us, Rotate your business, Snowball your wealth.


Q1:What is rotomolding process?
A:The rotational molding process is quite simple: A hollow mold is filled with powdered plastic resin. The mold begins rotating bi-axially and is transferred into an oven. The mold continues to rotate as the resin melts and coats the walls of the mold. The mold is cooled until the resin hardens into the desired shape.

Q2:What materials are used in rotational Moulding?
A: Rotomolding Materials Include:

  • Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

  • Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE)

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

  • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

  • Cross Link Polyethylene (XLPE)

  • EVA Co-polymer (EVA)

  • Polyvinylchloride (PVC)

  • Nylon.

Q3:How many types of rotational Moulding are there?
A:The types of rotational molding equipment are turret machines, shuttle machines, rock and roll machines, and open-flame machines.

Q4:Whats your companys' main products?

A:Our company is specialized in the rotational molding machines, moulds,Ice cooler box .

Q5. What is your delivery time?
A:Usually within 60 working days after sign contract and upon receipt of deposit TT transfer.

Q6. What is your payment terms?
A:50% deposit TT transfer after sign contract, and balance 50% after inspection before shipment.

Q7. How about your warrant and after-sale services?
A:All equipment unit are service one year warranty,

For electrical motor, Inverter, and PLC, we offer warranty for 18 months.

Q8. Do you test all your machine before delivery?
A: Yes, we test 100% of machine by our engineers before leave our company.

Q9. How to install and trial run when machine arrive customer's factory?
A: Due to  epidemic, we could not send our technician abroad, So, now, all the
exporting equipment are designed with module function, The buyer can install the equipment
with our installation instruction easier.

    If the client insists to send the technician for machine installation, they will need to pay the travel fee and accommodation fee, and labor cost USD 100 for one person in one day.

                                   Welcome to enquiry us! Rotate your business,Snowball your wealth!





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