What is Rotary Rotomolding Machine?
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What is Rotary Rotomolding Machine?

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What is Rotary Rotomolding Machine?

Rotomolding Machine excellent adhesion properties, good mechanical stability and colloidal stability, to ensure that the lubricated parts and will not be lost; good lubricity, to protect the bearing to reduce wear; excellent overall performance, to ensure a long service life of the bearing.

  • What is Rotary Rotomolding Machine?

  • What is the production process of Rotomolding Machine?

  • What is the first step in the production of Rotomolding Machine?

What is Rotary Rotomolding Machine?

Turret or Turntable Rotomolding Machine: A turret machine rotates on a central pivot and has three to six arms. Each arm has a mold at the end and follows the sequence of the rotational molding process through the stations, from loading, heating, cooling and unloading, to the entire rotation of the carousel. They are cycle machines and are operated using an MMI interface with a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Carousel Rotomolding Machines can have three to six arms, each located in one of the three positions of the process. They are available in fixed and independent arm designs, with the independent arm models capable of having more individually moving arms, allowing the use of more molds, as well as molds of different sizes, heats and thicknesses.

The arms of the Rotomolding Machine are motorized and are not controlled by the center hub, oven temperature or dwell time. The turret rotates 120 degrees at the end of each cycle and moves to the next position, with all arms always in one position and never idle.

What is the production process of Rotomolding Machine?

Loading is the first step, in which a fine, homogeneous and dry powder resin is placed into a mold coated with a release agent. The resin is heated while slowly rotating in a biaxial direction until it melts and covers the entire tool. The molded part and the entire mold are gradually cooled by convection to room temperature, where they can be safely removed.

The key parameters of the rotational molding process are the heating time, cooling rate and rotation ratio. These settings determine the mechanical properties and dimensional quality of the parts to be produced.

What is the first step in the production of Rotomolding Machine?

The Rotomolding Machine will grind or pulverize the granules or coarse powder into a fine or ultra-fine powder. Individual machines vary in particle size, which requires the plastic material to pass through several pulverizers to achieve the proper consistency. Different pulverization methods include intermittent pulverization, dry grinding or milling or wet pulverization. The choice of crushing method depends on the type of molding process to which the crushed plastic is applied.

Raw materials for Rotomolding Machine vary depending on their physical properties and intended use. Additives and colors are added to achieve the desired properties and performance. The various types of polyethylene used primarily in rotomolding processes are thermoplastics that can be easily reshaped by heat. The five types of polyethylene are linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), medium density polyethylene (MDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE), and cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE).

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