What are the advantages of Rotomolding Machine?
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What are the advantages of Rotomolding Machine?

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What are the advantages of Rotomolding Machine?

Rotomolding Machine produces products such as kayaks, sports helmets, display mannequins, water storage tanks, cribs and road construction barriers. All of these large plastic products can be easily produced by rotational molding, at a lower cost and with greater efficiency.

  • What is Rotomolding Machine?

  • What is the production process of the Rotomolding Machine?

  • What are the advantages of Rotomolding Machine?

What is Rotomolding Machine?

The Rotomolding Machine is a plastic casting machine used to produce large hollow, seamless and double-walled parts. It is a three-stage process that includes a mold on a rotating frame, a heating chamber and a cooling chamber. The molds for the rotomolding process are specially designed to produce single and double walled products.The main raw material for the production of the Rotomolding Machine is a polyethylene resin which is loaded into the mold to start the process. In the heating chamber, the mold rotates as it heats up. The mold's frame is capable of rotating the mold to each point of its axis of rotation. As the mold rotates, the resin is spread over the inner surface of the mold so that the finished product has an equal and uniform thickness on its surface.

What is the production process of the Rotomolding Machine?

After a set period of time in the Rotomolding Machine, the mold moves from the heating chamber to the cooling chamber, allowing the liquefied molten resin to cool before the plastic product is ejected from the mold. Rotomolded products are of the highest quality and are known for their durability and strength.

Rotational molding is a non-pressure molding process, which makes tooling for molds cheaper because they do not have to be subjected to pressure. The size of rotomolded products is unlimited, as molds and equipment are capable of creating very large and complex plastic shapes. There are also virtually no restrictions on part design, giving designers the freedom to add intricate details.

What are the advantages of Rotomolding Machine?

The biggest advantage of the Rotomolding Machine molding method is that the mold is simple and the cost is low. It is most used to produce large-scale hollow products, but correspondingly requires larger production equipment and well-designed molds. Rotational molding must ensure that all parts of the mold are heated evenly during the rotation process. Especially in the production process of some large-scale rotomolded products, uneven heating often leads to different local shrinkage of the product and weakened impact strength, which greatly reduces the quality of the finished product.

In terms of mold design, although Rotomolding Machine has low requirements for mold pressure due to its small pressure, in order to ensure good fluidity of raw materials, the mold design needs to be reasonable and concise, and the domestic plastic mold design level is often unsatisfactory.

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