Rock and Roll Rotomolding Machine
Rock and Roll Rotomolding Machine

Product Code:  Rock and Roll Rotomolding Machine

Tags: Rock and Roll Rotomolding Machine

Our rotational molding machine is of below feature:

1. Sector over. Gear track door fully closed, which is not only transmit more stable and reliable, running safely, free of  deformation, but also keep heat from leaking out, reduced power consumption.

2. new type heat circulation system, (double drying tunnel for above 4.5M), increase heat flow volume, make mold heated uniformly, and reduce formation cycle a lot, then production efficiency get improved.

Our rotational molding machine is fully automatic controlled with PLC, inverter, touch screen, thermostat, encoder etc., made change from traditional production which is manual control, and heavy labor intensity. Meanwhile, our rotational molding machine could set mold stop at any angle, which make mold unloading easier, and work efficiency improved.

4. Burner is equipped with foreign advanced adjust-comparison system, the mold keep temperature stable, and of less fluctuation.

5. deep cavity heat system, while dealing irregular work piece, and product of uneven thickness at deep cavity and flat corner, it take use heat inside dryer to get compensation and balance heat, and make product more superior.


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